Pharmacy Technician Schools

A pharmacy technician school provides proper training for students that will assist pharmacists – these schools teach students how to mix the correct proportions of drugs, how to maintain inventories, how to communicate with customers and a wide range of other administrative tasks. In other words, pharmacy technician schools not only help you perform efficiently at your workplace, but they also have a positive impact on your pay scale.

If you plan to become a reputable pharmacy technician, the first step you need to take towards this direction is to further your education and receive the necessary certification. Working as a pharmacy technician is very rewarding both from a professional and a financial point of view, As certification will help you get a secure and stable job.

Pharmacy training programs encompass all the skills and knowledge that technicians need to perform at their workplace, and here are some of the most common training features of pharmacy technician schools:

• They help students understand drug therapy in its complexity;
• They teach students how to learn and gather information about pharmaceutical care;
• Combine practical training with interpersonal skills in order to educate patients;
• Establishing efficient care centers;
• Manage pharmaceuticals in an ambulatory setting.

Live based pharmacy training programs are usually located in large cities and they help students achieve the prerequisite skills that every pharmacy technologist should have. All programs must be recognized and accredited to a national regulated body (or a state regulated body). The pharmacy course module comprises a wealth of subjects, and some of the most important ones are pharmacology, anatomy, medical chemistry, industrial pharmacy, pharmaceutical marketing or research methodology.

The Cost And Length Of Pharmacy Training Program

The cost of a pharmacy training program is directly linked to the type of program you opt for: live based programs usually have a price tag between $10,000 and $30,000 per year, while online programs are considerably cheaper and they cost up to $7,000 per year. Nonetheless, the main difference between online and live based pharmacy programs is that the latter also involve practical training and face-to-face interaction with students.

Certification programs should be completed within 5 months, diploma programs can take up to one year and a bachelor’s degree training program usually lasts for three to four years. Moreover, students who want to increase their pay scale can also opt for master’s degree training program, which will last for three years.

Certification Exams

Those who want to become licensed or certified pharmacy technicians must take a national exam, such as NAPLEX (a licensure exam), EXCPT exam for certified technicians or the PTCB exam, which is a nationally accredited certification exam.

One of the main reasons why students opt for a certification program is because of the salary – a certified pharmacy technician can earn between $28,000 and $33,000 per year, depending on the clinical setting, the experience and the training he or she has in the field.

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